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Keeping your Intune base applications Evergreen

Hello there (Obi-Wan voice), keeping your Intune base applications up to date can be a challenge, today I want to show you how you keep your base applications up to

Domain join account for Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

Hello there! Quick post today on how to create a domain join service account to add Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) session hosts to the domain. Prerequisites Create a service account,

Customise Google Chrome using Admin Templates via Intune

Hello there (obi wan voice), back in July 2020 and my 2nd ever post on this blog I demonstrated how you could leverage Microsoft Intune custom OMA-URI’s to deploy customisations

AVD Autosubscribing

Auto-subscribe Remote Desktop clients to Azure Virtual Desktop \ W365 via Microsoft Intune.

Hi everyone! Today, I want to demonstrate how you leverage Microsoft Intune to auto-subscribe Remote Desktop clients into Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and \ or Windows 365 environments, this approach

Deploy Firefox Bookmarks using MSIntune

Happy new year, hope you had a great time! With my first post of 2022, I want to describe how you can deploy bookmarks (aka favourites) into the Mozilla Firefox

Remove Chat from Taskbar on Windows 11 using Intune.

G’day, a quick post on how you can remove the Chat icon from the taskbar on Windows 11 devices using Microsoft Intune. Before we begin this policy only applies to