Deploy Firefox Bookmarks using MSIntune

Happy new year, hope you had a great time! With my first post of 2022, I want to describe how you can deploy bookmarks (aka favourites) into the Mozilla Firefox browser, display the bookmark bar and remove default bookmarks for a clean layout via Microsoft Intune.

TIP: Want to deploy bookmarks for other browsers? See my previous posts here for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.


  • Download Firefox ADMX Files here.
  • Microsoft Intune licence.
  • Permissions to create Configuration Profiles within Microsoft Intune.
  • Test device and user with Firefox installed.

Creating the Configuration Profile

We need to create a custom Configuration Profile within the MEMAC portal, this will ingest the previously downloaded Firefox ADMX files, then we’ll push out the bookmarks and recommended additional policies to ensure a clean view. To do this, log into the MEMAC portal, browse to the devices view, select configuration profiles and then create profile:

Creating the Firefox Intune profile to deploy bookmarks.

Select Windows 10 and later as the platform and profile type of Custom and then Create:

Name the Configuration Profile and set a Description so suit your needs and then select Next:

On the next page, this is where we’ll be adding in the OMA-URI’s, select Add for each of the following entries (Note: all of the below OMA-URI’s entries were tested on Firefox version 95, the below settings are subject to change for upcoming versions of Firefox):

Ingesting the Firefox ADMX File

Now that we have our custom profile created, we need to start adding some OMA-URIs, the first one to add is the ingestion of the Firefox.admx, to find this, use the download link under the prerequisite section, unzip it > Windows and then Firefox.admx should be present. Now add the following OMA-URI to the custom profile:

NameFirefox ADMX ingestion
DescriptionFirefox ADMX version 3.4 (change to match your admx version)
Data TypeString
Value<Paste in the entire contents of the Firefox.admx file, you can use something like NotePad++ as a text editor to do this>

Show the Bookmarks Bar

This policy will ensure that the bookmarks bar is always present within Firefox:

NameShow Bookmark bar
DescriptionForces bookmark bar to be presented to users.
Data TypeString

No Default Bookmarks

This policy will disable the creation of default bookmarks such as Getting Started within Firefox:

NameNo default bookmarks
DescriptionDisables default bookmarks such as ‘Getting started’
Data TypeString

Managed Bookmarks

So the reason why you’re here! This policy will deploy the actual bookmarks within the Firefox top menu, I will steal my JSON file from my previous post for the deployment of Edge Favourites, the great thing here is that the same JSON layout contents can actually be used for Firefox, Chrome and Edge:

NameManaged Bookmarks
DescriptionForces corporate bookmarks within Firefox
Data TypeString
Value<enabled/><data id=’JSON’ value='[{“toplevel_name”:”Lets ConfigMgr Favourites”},{“url”:””,”name”:”Lets ConfigMgr Website”},{“url”:””,”name”:”Sales and Marketing Team Site”},{“url”:””,”name”:”Retail Team Site”},{“url”:””,”name”:”Lets ConfigMgr Yammer Portal”},{“name”:”Microsoft Portals”,”children”:[{“url”:””,”name”:”Office 365″},{“url”:””,”name”:”Password Reset Portal”},{“url”:””,”name”:”MyApps”},{“url”:””,”name”:”Endpoint Manager Portal”}]}]’/>

Here is an easier viewing of the JSON file as an example:

<enabled/><data id='JSON' value='[{"toplevel_name":"Lets ConfigMgr Favourites"},{"url":"","name":"Lets ConfigMgr Website"},{"url":"","name":"Sales and Marketing Team Site"},{"url":"","name":"Retail Team Site"},{"url":"","name":"Lets ConfigMgr Yammer Portal"},{"name":"Microsoft Portals","children":[{"url":"","name":"Office 365"},{"url":"","name":"Password Reset Portal"},{"url":"","name":"MyApps"},{"url":"","name":"Endpoint Manager Portal"}]}]'/>

Spot Check

You should now have four OMA-URIs configured, like so:

Now deploy this profile to your test devices.

Trust but Verify

Once the profile has been created and deployed to a test device and sync’d, bookmarks are showing as expected:

You can also verify settings within Firefox by opening the about:policies page:

TIP: Want to enable Windows SSO within Firefox via Intune? See my previous post here.


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