Setting time zones via Intune

G’Day to you. Today, a quick post on how to set time zones on your Windows endpoints via Microsoft Intune. We’ll gather the timezone ID’s and then deploy via the settings catalogue.

Gathering the timezone ID

First of all, we need to gather the timezone ID of your desired location, to do this, open PowerShell and run the Get-TimeZone -ListAvailable cmdlet, this will give you all of the timezones available to you and the ID’s of each:

Find the timezone of your choice and copy the ID for later, in my case I will be using GMT Standard Time.

Creating the configuration profile

Now that we have the timezone ID, let’s create the settings catalog profile (or add to an existing one if you prefer), within the settings catalog, search for timezone and select the Time Language Settings category and then Configure Time Zone setting:

Now using the timezone ID gathered earlier, paste this into the Configure Time Zone field:

That’s it! Happy endpointing.

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